In-Mold construction

Ultra-light construction made from an EPS injection and an ultra-resistant polycarbonate shell. The In-Mold construction has become the reference in terms of comfort and being lightweight.

Double In-Mold Construction

The double In-Mold construction guarantees ultra-lightweight helmets thanks to the overlapping of two In-Mold structures. It also helps to offer more ventilated products as adjustable ventilation is easier to implement.

ABS construction

The ABS construction is made from a single injection to provide maximum resistance to time and impacts. Made of ABS beads, this construction prevents any risk of deformation.

ABS Tri-Zone construction

This 3-material construction revolutionizes the concept of protection and comfort. It comprises:
- an ABS shell for maximum resistance
- rigid EPS foam for good shock absorption
- EPP foam, a more lightweight and elastic material which avoids any risk of deformation, making this helmet one of the lightest on the market.

Hybrid construction

Cébé’s hybrid construction represents the perfect combination of In-Mold technology and injected ABS. The ABS shell, at the top of the helmet ensures good impact resistance and protection while the In-Mold construction, on the lower part, is a guarantee of having a lightweight and comfortable product.

Adjustable venting system

Adjustable, easy to use and extremely efficient, our ventilation system allows you to change the amount of air flow and expel heat even with gloves.

Passive venting system

Cébé’s passive venting system is composed of openings placed at strategic points to ensure a constant air flow, evacuating heat and avoiding cold air from entering.

Cébé universal fit

Reviewed fit, more precise and adjustable

This year, Cébé decided to review the sizes of all its helmets in order to offer a more consistent range in terms of fit. The width of each size range has been reduced but the range now offers more adjustable helmets to guarantee maximum stability, comfort and safety. You’ll be certain to find the perfect helmet for you!

Boa® 360°

Cébé now offers helmets that feature the most advanced technology in terms of fine tuning the fit. The Boa® System provides customized comfort thanks to its 360°- dial system, which allows precise adjustments, vertical, frontal and horizontally. No more pressure points, your helmet now fits perfectly throughout the day and can be quickly and easily put on and off.


The F.T.F (Fine Tuning Fit) provides added versatility to the helmet. The fine adjustment allows a tighter fit for perfect stability even during the most extreme activities. When not skiing, a simple readjustment will release the system for a more relaxing fit.


The RECCO® system, integrated in our helmets, allows you to be detectable by rescue professionals when you are under an avalanche or lost in the mountains for example. The detector used by rescuers emits a directional signal. The RECCO® reflectors, worn by mountain practitioners, return this signal. The rescuer then hears a sound signal that directs him precisely to the buried person. Several RECCO® reflectors on one person can improve detection capabilities.

Shock Absorption Zones

Placed at strategic points in the helmet (front, temples and rear ; zones where impacts mostly occur), EVA inserts deliver maximum shock absorption to reduce strain to the brain upon impact.

MIPS® technology

The MIPS Brain Protection System is a helmet-integrated, low-friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head. Brain injuries originate not only from direct impacts to the head, but also from rotational forces resulting from impacts at an angle. The MIPS technology is scientifically proven to reduce rotational motion by absorbing and redirecting rotational energies and forces transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.

Detachable and washable lining

In the interests of comfort and hygiene, most of our helmets have removable and washable inner padding. For increased breathability, most linings have 3D mesh panels that allow heat to escape more easily.

Fidlock system

Fidlock is revolutionising the traditional helmet buckle. With the fidlock snap, you can close and open automatically your fast buckle thanks to a magnetic system.

Removable ear pads

Removable and washable ear pads.

1. Ski


3. Mountaineering


1. For Ski and Snowboard Snow.

2. For Cyclist Skateboard and Rollerblade

3. For mountaineering and climbing.


All our partners are compliant in terms of production to the european REACH standard.