Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The structure, texts, images and sounds that make up this website are the property of BOLLE BRANDS.

The entirety of this site is upheld by French and international laws on copyright and intellectual property. All reproduction rights are reserved, including the download of documents, iconographics, sounds and photographs.

All partial or total representations of the site or any of its elements by whatever means are completely forbidden without authorized consent from the publication's director and would constitute fraud under articles L335-2 and the Code for Intellectual Property.

It and freedom :

Users of this site are informed that all information supplied using forms on the website which is collected in order to respond to queries, is sent to the BOLLE BRANDS which is responsible for processing this information for administrative and commercial purposes.
All individuals who have filled nominative information on this site can exercise the right to access, modify or delete information concerning them by contacting
Brands and logos on this site are registered to the BOLLE BRANDS. Their mention does not in any way represent a licence or right to use these said brands which cannot be used without receiving prior written consent from the owner. Unauthorised usage would result in prosecution for fraud.
The information on this site can be downloaded, reproduced and printed providing the following conditions are adhered to:
- information is solely for personal use and cannot under any circumstances be used for commercial means.
- information cannot be altered
- a statement attributing copyright to BOLLE BRANDS must figure every time the information is used.
All other partial or total displays of the site by whatever means are strictly forbidden without written consent by the BOLLE BRANDS group and would constitute fraud under articles L 355-2 and the Code for intellectual property.

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